TOP 10 REASONSto invest in the Gloucester Medical Centre


The Gloucester Medical Centre is strategically situated on Toronto’s Yonge Street, one of Canada’s most iconic and prestigious thoroughfares. The Downtown Yonge corridor has growing urban density, with a daily customer base of nearly 155,000 people within 1km of the site. With proximity to bustling Yorkville and Bloor streets, as well as the hub of Toronto’s Financial District, The Gloucester Medical Centre will service high-income professionals, residents and neighbourhoods. The area’s average household spends significant amounts on personal care services annually.


2020 total daytime population


2020 average household income


2020 median age


2020 average personal care spend

Located in central Toronto, The Gloucester Medical Centre is extremely well-connected. The TTC subway is on-site, transit routes and bike lanes thread the area and a public parkade is in the connected garage. Given Toronto’s stature as a leading health care destination in Canada, and the adjacency of several hospitals - St. Michaels, Sick Kids, Women’s College Hospital and Toronto General Hospital – The Gloucester Medical Centre will draw a wide cross-section of clientele.


Walk score

4 renowned hospitals

Within 2 km

1 minute

To Yonge Street subway line


Public paid parking stalls


Medical Prestige
Fibre Interet
Dedicated Elevators
High Ceilings
Concord BioSpace


Concord BioSpace

As global desire for healthier and hassle-free living environment increases, comes a response where technology and innovative design intersect.

Concord BioSpace is a multi-layered system to deliver cleaner and safer indoor space through improved airflow and filtration in elevators. Access to major entry points and high-traffic common areas including elevators can be controlled through your mobile phone.

Furthermore, a building-wide water flow detection and remote shut-off system and a comprehensive parcel collection system will facilitate better property management.

Concord has always tried to be industry leaders whether through planning firsts or technology firsts. Their customers are planning for the future and their office is an important investment for most.

Gloucester Medical Offices Lobby
Gloucester Medical Offices Corridor


Office # Approx. Grossed Up Area (B.O.M.A.) (s.f.) Rentable Area (B.O.M.A.) (s.f.) Approx. Celling Height (Slab to Slab)
Unit 11,961.181,615.3416’
Unit 21,467.061,208.3616’
Unit 31,406.551,158.5216’
Unit 41,752.871,443.7616’
Unit 52,222.681,830.7316’
Unit 61,487.971,225.5816’
Unit 71,543.381,271.2216’
Unit 81,995.941,643.9717’
Unit 93,491.232,875.5814-17’
Unit 103,453.462,844.4717’

All units include:
Electrical: 100 amps Water: 1" Telecom: Fibre HVAC: 5 TON

All diagrams, renderings, figures, locations, and specifications are subject to change without notice and are for discussion purposes only.

Sample Floorplan - Treatment Rooms

Sample Floorplan - Open Concept


Direct subway connection adds exceptional value
With a TTC stop on-site, the daily count of passenger traffic coming and going creates high-profile reach and frequency of exposure to tenant businesses and services. Ease and speed of commuting for employees is also an advantage.

Prime Yonge Street location enhances stature
A business site greatly influences success and credibility in the eyes of customers and potential employees. In addition to mass public appeal and reputational draw, this location is a hub for key demographic client bases.

New development offers future-proof spaces
New development and construction with the latest technology provide you with office spaces that require less maintenance, giving you more peace of mind, so you can focus more on growing your business.


For your business

• Control your business future

• Predictable real estate cost as market appreciates

• Long term location reliability for staff and customers

• Flexible floor plates and more control of improvements and fixtures

• Medical use related loans are usually more attainable

As an investment

• In demand real estate with paramedical zoning

• Proven Yonge Street Location

• Low supply

• Diversify your portfolio – simple entry into commercial market, established rules and regulations to protect your asset, professional management to allow for passive investment after leasing

• More flexibility in commercial lease contract terms

• Ability to set niche commercial rent use and prices


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